The Walking Wounded

Lazer Kitty


The Artist Series

The Orphans Project

Kyle Michael Porter


Learn about the numerous bands, projects, and solo efforts released by Unsound America.  Visit the Bandcamp site to browse all music.

The dark electronica duo featuring vocalist/lyricist Ron Lipke.  More

The experimental "space rock" trio featuring bassist Jason Jordan, drummer/percussionist Vox Mod.  More

The pop/trip-hop electronic trio featuring vocalist Nova Dobrev and guitarist Morgan Sobel.  More

An ongoing, revolving collaboration that pays tribute to various visual artists including David Mack and H.R. Giger.  More

Unused tracks from producer Kyle Porter are brought to completion by a group of singers and remix artists as part of an annual compilation.  More

Founder of U/A and producer, KMP has created a number of solo albums and EPs of various styles and genres.  More

One-off collaborations, experiments, and more from the early days of U/A.  More