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Members: Vox Mod (drums), Jason Jordan (bass), Kyle Porter (synths).

Lazer Kitty has created its own sonic wilderness. The group officially came together in December of 2010 and set off to perform whatever "felt good" and challenging. Song names and traditional song structures are afterthoughts at best, as the internal engine of the band always reaches for the emotional and the evocative.  Lazer Kitty continues to pursue an endless journey into the unknown.

SPIES (2015)
MOONS (2013)
RUINS (2012) 

"The Wave"

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"Really, for the expertise Lazer Kitty have shown on all three of their LPs (and their numerous live and improvised recordings), it's hard to conceive of a day where their take on meshing human strings and percussion with synthesizers and electronics will lose its appeal, though it's also easy to admit that SPIES is a welcome, if unexpected change of pace from its cosmic predecessors." Thompson Gerhart, Sputnik Music

"The music the trio makes is, to use the title of a John Coltrane album, out of this world. Recall Carl Sagan's Spaceship of the Imagination, recall how he waved his elegant fingers over the crystals as he cruised through deep space and passed planets and stars. The music of Lazer Kitty was made for the Spaceship of the Imagination..." - Charles Mudede, The Stranger

"Overall, MOONS is a curious, explorative album built with an inquisitive enchantment of curiosity. It methodically has gentle build ups with echoing vocals, xylophone sounds, and percussive breakdowns in a carefully orchestrated way to break out into an endless universe." - Marz Martinez, Seattle Peach

"[4.5/5] Focusing more on the darker and more vast elements of their sound, Moons personifies the depths of space and does it well." - Thompson D. Gerhart, Sputnik Music

“'Moons' marks their first effort in almost a year and a half and listening to “Dino Wipeout” it's clear that they are as strong as ever. The track delivers careening percussion work tempered by sticky sweet, futuristic synths, and a baseline warm enough to make Simon Gallup jealous." - No Goddamn Dancing

"Although initially alienating, Moons grows increasingly more mesmerizing with each listen. The rippling instrumentals are mysterious and hypnotic, the abstract synth noises wander and rove, but not without intent." - Gelila Bedada, The McGill Daily

“[8.3/10] The strength of RUINS is its backbone, well that and the audacity to strap some aggressive rocket boosters to a host of ambient textures that know when to float and when to boldly go into hyper-speed and actually take us somewhere.” - Ian Stephens, Seismic Sound

"[4.5/5] Lazer Kitty are masters of the crescendo and decrescendo, of rising and falling action both in terms of volume and musical presence and atmosphere. There's simply no other way to put it." - Thompson D. Gerhart, Sputnik Music

"Lazer Kitty blends the climatic build-ups of post-rock with more tempered and celestial moments of rock, such as the track "Magnetic Rose." The album is never content to occupy one space for too long, yet they do not rush the process either, rewarding the listener with eerie, fully-formed soundscapes." - Cameron LaFlam, The Deli

"[6/8] Instrumental jams are a tough racket, but "improvisational space-rock trio" Lazer Kitty do a fair job here, equally concerned with meandering orbits and propulsive liftoffs—background music, maybe, but pleasant enough at that." - EG, Seattle Weekly