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About Control Keys





Members: Ron Lipke (vocals), Vox Mod (vocals/programming), Kyle Porter (vocals/ air-synth/programming).

Friends and former members of Dynamic Entry Tool, Control Keys labored to create a new and innovative type of musical-act: one that focused on live programming and male vocal harmonies. Numerous themes, styles, and sounds were explored between the two albums that were completed before Control Keys disbanded (2009-2011).

Are We Alone? (2010) 

"This Then Nothing"
"Widow Tree"
"Future Fore Fathers"



"The Control Keys played with the kind of enthusiasm a band would have played with to a crowd of 500. It didn’t seem to bother them in the least that hardly anyone had turned out to see them. There was a playful esprit-de-corps amongst them, enjoying their own music, enjoying the novelty of playing to such a miniscule crowd, and not appearing to be discouraged by the notion at all." - Imaginary Mimi, Three Imaginary Girls

"If you took Nine Inch Nails and Korn, locked them in a Hot Topic long enough for them to somehow reproduce, and handed them a turntable when you freed them at the end of this diabolical experiment you’d get…30 minutes of contrived screaming and substandard house music about a teenager’s conception of sex. That’s Control Keys in a nutshell." - Daniel Ahrendt, SSG Music