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About Dynamic Entry Tool


About the rest of it...

Members: Vox Mod (programming), KMP (piano/synths) Ron Lipke (vocals).

Prior to Control Keys and The Walking Wounded - Ron Lipke, KMP, and Vox Mod formed the trio Dynamic Entry Tool in order to compete in the EMP SoundOff.  This band played one show and managed to record one EP before disbanding.  (Originally recorded in 2006, released in 2011).

Recorded in 2008, this is the soundtrack to the short film "The Long Ride," starring U/A core members Ron Lipke and KMP.  The music was recorded over the course of a day in Ron Lipke's living room, with Vox Mod playing percussive household object, KMP playing organ, Ron Lipke on guitar, and Nova Dobrev on vocals - appearing together as "The Backroads Band."

Recorded in 2010 (possibly), this short record feature Vox Mod, KMP, and childhood friend Ryan E.  Together, they experiment with synths, programming and noise effects over 3 long, strange tracks.

Apologies (2011)
Another one-off record with Ron Lipke, Vox Mod, and KMP.  This time, the trio takes a stripped-down, minimalist approach - scattered drums, simplistic synths, and gentle crooning.  A quiet, wistful record.