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The Artist Series is an ongoing, revolving-door collaboration featuring core members of U/A including Kyle Porter, Vox Mod, and potentially many others. Each album is inspired by and dedicated to a particular visual artist. The process begins with one composer who completes their tracks as desired. This composer then hands their music off to a collaborator. The second person adds their own sounds, taking into account their own personal feelings on the subject matter and the original mix. The end result is a two-stage musical experience designed to expose our listeners to great works of art and the people behind them.

"When asked 'What do you think about people selling the art you put on the street?' his reply was this: 'As a kid I always dreamt of growing up to be a character in Robin Hood. I just never realised I'd end up playing one of the gold coins.' This sharp witted response is typical of an artist who makes very clever visual statements at the expense of the oppressors in this world. From the art in Gaza to his Rat images in the UK, Banksy never fails to get people talking about issues that really are a part of our global society. Art that truly opens your eyes and your mind." - James Thurlby-Brooks, Black Mirror Ball Productions

Giger: Erotomechanics (2014)
“The works of H.R. Giger are expansive and singular as the often startling world he created with his art. Be it acrylics, sculpture, accoutrement or even the occasional combination swatch/torture device. Hybridization, in short, was his aesthetic. The whimsical merging of the terrifying and the absurd. His world is nightmarish, the slick, wet flesh of an eel grafted to a toothy, viscous machine. One doesn't have to be brave to find beauty here but, it does help.” - Ron Lipke, The Walking Wounded

Moebius: Humanoid (2012)
“The world of Jean Giraud, aka Gir aka Moebius, is woven throughout my entire being and existence. He was inspiring me tremendously before I was even aware of who he was. His influence permeates a vast landscape, a desert if you will, of artistic expression that has become a fantasy world that is very real and in which I not only live, but thrive. These words in fact do no justice, but I believe this musical tribute does. The Moebius lives on within me and everything I do.” - Scot Porter, aka Vox Mod

Kabuki: Impressions (2011)
David Mack’s approach to story-telling is unique and powerful and it evokes iconic, inimitable images in the process. His words and pictures wrap around one another, infect each other, complimenting and modulating and decimating the relationship between art and story. “Kabuki” - it’s characters, themes, and moments - have had a profound impact on me. This recording attempts to capture some of Mack’s visual energy in a sonic form.” - Kyle Porter




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"This album is a very fitting tribute that provides a perfect soundtrack to the books and videos of H.R. Giger. It is way to esoteric for general consumption and even connoisseurs of dark ambient and noise will find this particularly heavy going. But like Giger's art, this is not for the meek." - Sean M. Palfrey, Intravenous Magazine

“It soars with cinematic feel, evincing the extra terrestrial vision Giraud executed so vividly in his oil paintings and illustrations. Vox Mod has hinted to the influence in his earlier works, naming a track "Moebius" on his 2011 work HAZMAT, but the effect is fully realized here in a six chapter series of songs that breath a soundtrack into Jean Giraud's work” - Sean Jewell, The Stranger: Line Out