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The Orphans Project is a compilation series issued once annually, featuring a number of singers, musicians, and producers working with "leftovers" - tracks produced by KMP that have remained unused and without a home.  U/A gave birth to these songs; the guest artists make them what they are.  Featuring artwork by Vox Mod.

Volume 5 (2018)
The fifth and final volume of the series, featuring Anna Marie, False Touch, creeps, Nova Dobrev, Fyre Withenue, Fusion Faktor, Shadow Cast Me, Acid-Bass, and Gerald "GothiCello" Nicks.

Volume 4 (2017)
The fourth volume features old friends Fusion Faktor (who provided guitar work on most of the tracks), 회사AUTO and KoiraFyre Withenue, Gerald GothiCello NicksAndrew Chapman, Spirit Lifter, Acid BassShadow Cast Me - as well as newcomers creeps and Vox Mod.

Volume 3 (2016)
The third volume features old friends Fusion FaktorAnna Marie회사AUTOFyre Withenue, Gerald GothiCello Nicks, and TAXXESS  -- as well as newcomers Andrew Chapman, Spirit Lifter, Acid Bass, Sean Fairchild, Shadow Cast Me, and Koira.

Volume 2 (2015)
The second volume features old friends Fusion Faktor, Blackberry Lilly, 회사AUTO, Fyre Withenue, andGerald GothiCello Nicks -- as well as newcomers Liz Porcayo, TAXXESS, and AuntieMatter.

Volume 1 (2014)
Featuring collaborations with Fyre Withenue, Fusion Faktor, Amber Shine, Gerald GothiCello Nicks, Blackberry Lily, Anna Marie, and 회사AUTO -- The Orphans Project spans a diverse array of styles and sounds over the course of 8 tracks.

"Full Moon"
"Crashing Waves"

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"The Orphans Project Vol. 2' is another strong outing from the Unsound America label that is both original and intelligent. It's a short compilation at eight songs, but it is certainly a memorable one that should turn people on to the artists involved. Hopefully Volume 3 will be on its way in the future." - Sean M. Palfrey, Intravenous Magazine

"Each song is an intriguing trip into the dark electronic forrest Porter has created, and another example of his chops as a producer. I find the Anna Marie, and Blackberry Lily cuts especially badass." - Todd Hamm, The Stranger